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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> a lot of talk about taxes and job creation and a lot of disagreement about whose facts are correct. g jim rosenfield watched it firgs. steve? >> reporter: the pressure was on mitt romney who needed a turn around. president obama came into debate ahead. with an estimated 60 million americans watching, moderator jim layrer asked can you put
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more people to work? romney would cut taxes and regulations on small business. >> my priority is jobs. so what i do is i bring down the tax rates. >> governor romney's proposal calls for a $5 trillion tax cut. the average middle class family with children would pay about $2,000 more. it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only affect individuals to avoid either raising the deficit or burdening the middle class. it's math. >> reporter: on medicare and social security,one agreement. >> neither the president nor are are i are proposing any changes.
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>> aarp has said that your plan would weaken medicare, substantially. >> romney fired back a a major debate moment that the president weakened the economy by his focus on health care. >> i don't know how the president could have come into office facing rising unploimt and spending energy and passion fighting for obama care. >> we did work on this alongside working on jobs. this is part of making sure that middle class families are secure in this country. >> a substantial debate. no zingers. i'm steve handles, nbc news, denver. >> as mentioned, we heard a t lo of promises from both candidates. did any resonate with people out of work or those about to enter the job market? jim rosenfield continues our k06 raj.
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he continues at george mason yucht, jim? >> doreen, first time young and many of them undecided voters. here at george mason university in fairfax. they were not shy. >> quick show of hands, for how many of you is this your first presidential election? many of you watching this first debate anxious to get beyond first impressions. >> i'm pretty sure this is exactly what i'm looking for. >> i'm trying to see how i could get a better chance to pay for my college education. >> they're both bashing each other. i might as well watch this. >> some came with their minds made up. >> well, i know people are going to be going all out on the blog. so i'm going to be comining bac
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with cracks. >> i'm not getting a sense of obama as commander in chief. romney is really laying it down and he's really being very ke tail detailed, for once. >> i became a lot more informed. >> i liked when we were talking about the health care stuff and something about the middle class because i'm middle class. >> i think that both of them had really well-structured argume s arguments. but the small differences are going to be something to ponder. >> it seemed like he came off a little bit rude. with obama, he made a little bit of a mistake. when romney was talking, he looked a little bit irritated. >> there's two more to go. >> reporter: well, perhaps a more up close and personal visit from the president himself will help these students make up their minds. president obama is scheduled to be here on the campus.
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one of two battleground states the other in lie owe. mitt romney and paul ryan are due to be in virginia. live, jim rosenfield, news 4, back to you. >> other news now, new developments that's linked to steroid injections but used to relieve se vooer back pain. the pharmacy that shipped those steroid shots has voluntarily shut down. health officials severe meningitis including virginia and maryland. four people have died. officials are still trying to track down hundreds of people who may have received ser roid injections shipped from that fapharmacy. >> their 72-year-old father was brutally beaten. he's in critical condition tonight. police are canvassing the streets trying to come up with some clues. >> i'm very sad.
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all of our family is very sad. >> reporter: her family were worries her 72-year-old father won't survive a vicious beating. he clings to life with a severe brain injury. >> they left him in the cold, in the rain, without cloths, took off his shoes and everything. >> reporter: his son found him unconscious lie k in a parking lot. two minutes from his silver spring apartment. goosman left his house about 8:00 last night. >> reporter: elsey believes he was walking to the market a couple blocks away. thea manager says he's a regula customer. >> no, i don't see him. i would check already camera, but i don't see him last night. >> police say that goosman's body was sfoufound right over t area right here.
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his daughter says that she believes the attacker robbed him. >> this afternoon, police passed out fliers in the community hoping that someone could give a tip leading to the aresz. >> i hope he recovers and we're going to be able to help him get threw this. >> i'm zxshomari stone, news 4. >> taking responsibility after leaving a toddler alone at a nearby park for more than an hour. police were called after a two-year-old was found wachbderring alone. the childas found without any shoes or socks. friendship children's center says it has taken disciplinary action. >> there has been a series of attacks in springfreeld, virginia. a 15-year-old girl who says she
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was walking on hipling avenue lastz night when a man grabbed her from behind and assaulted her. all of the victims have been teenage girls. >> okay. final days of major league baseball. the playoff picture has become clear. dan heally here to sort it all out. dan? >> reporter: hey, jim, the world to the world series is going to be tougher for the orioles. the nationals on the other hand, locked up their division on monday night. jeo gonzalez doing their part. michael morr irksz s will be par tis palting. as the nationals hope for more than this. morris' final bat of the regular season. his 18th homer, a two-run shot puts the nats up 5-1. that will be your final. the nationals finish with a record of 98-6 4.
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they will be the top seed and begin play on sunday in eert st. louis or atlanta. meanwhile, buck showwalter's orioles to a wild card game. but evan wasn't giving the os any help. longoria blasts his second in the game. three solo home runs for the night. baltimore falls 4-1. so the orioles are the second wild card team. the loser goes home. the winner takes on the yankees in the a.l.ds. so that addition puts the os in the postseason. it's going to be winner go home against the rangers on friday. also coming up in sports, guys, another big event at national's park. talking presidents, teddy, specifically. >> oh, joy.
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an attempt to cash on in the net's playoff attempt has failed. today, the commission approved a dollar surcharge. when the mayor heard about that, he said no way. that surcharge is expected to be rescinded tomorrow. in the meantime, the city police force is getting ready for the extra crowds at nats stadium. hundreds of officers at standby. they will not be affected by the coverage. >> tonight, a call to get rid of pepco at montgomery county. a group of customers fed up wants the county to take over the fra franchise. at a meeting tontd, customers and electric officials talked about the public utilities. today, a state task force allowed to charge an extra monthly fee to upgrade their systems. plenty of food, a warm bed and
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lots of attention. life has taken a huge turn for 23 dogs after being arrested from a puppy mill. they spent a special vehicle to pick the dogs up. police say they are among 200 animals received. the dogs aring wie being checke. >> we'll tell you why it could cost you money. >> stranded at sea and armed with an ipad, the incredible footage of two guys who survived a plane crash. >> a local firefighter shared video from a vacation she will not soon forget. >> we've got some clouds and showers out there right noi. tomorrow morning, showers and
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. we are hour one. we just had a plane crash in the gulf of mexico and the ipad survived thanks to the case. >> with their plane sinking fast, their guys grabbed survival gear and their gienl pad. the men recorded this video while they were stranded at sea. three hours after the crash with the sun going down, the coast guard rescued them just in time. >> facebook has a new feature
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that will allow you to pay to get noticed. it's rolling out a "promote" feature for a fee, users will be able to make their posts show up higher on sfrends news feeds. the feature will be useful for everything from garage sale announcements to engagements. it's skppted to cost about $7 per promotion. tonight, a student has been missing since monday. his name is brian glenn. he dropped off his brother and has not been seen since. his car was found a short time later. police and blood hounds combed that area today. inside if car, police fund a receipt from a nearby dunken donuts. >> so all of this to us is saying that he's still here somewhere. we've got to find him.
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he hant run away because he hasn't tried to run away. >> a prince county woman got up close and personal with the biggest kind of fish in the world. cheryl mcwilliams was diving in the gulf of mexico 30 miles off the coast of florida when she had a chance encounter with a whale shark. mcwilliams says she wasn't scared and reached out and touched the shark. >> it's like seeing a school buss underwater. it's just enormous. you're just awe-struck. >> williams says sharks typically get a bad wrap and many are endangered. she hopes this video will improve the shark's image. >> we need to point out that that shark is not car nif vous. rous. >> even so, i hope somebody else improved its image, no matter
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what he eats. so some more fog in our future? it was pretty erie this morning. >> and kind of awful this morning, too, really early on. so tomorrow morning, the fog is not going to be as thick. but we're going to have something else to deal with tomorrow morning. that is rain. we'll head out. where he've got a mostly cloudy sky. the visibility not really all that bad throughout the area. yesterday at this time, they were down under a maf mile. culpepper right now, doing pretty good throughout the entire area. taking a look at the visibility before we move on to the rain. we've got showers throughout throughothe area. we're talking about pockets of wet weather that will continue tonight. tomorrow morning, probably up
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until lunchtime tomorrow. leesburg seeing those showers. winchester, front row right now. it's mild out is there right now. but a calm wind so as these temperatures drop a little bit, it's patchy fog tomorrow morning and should burn off or pix out a little bit earlier. 65-70 degrees with some fog around. it's likely. some scattered showers, too. the kids will need their rain jackets and you'll need your umbrella first thing. area of low pressure u that will be moving through tomorrow. we're in the 60sback to the west. and, in fact, cold enough for snow up across north dakota, south dakota, montana. that's the bold chill that will hit us the second half of the week ebd. end. we're not going to get any snow,
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but it will feel dramatically cooler. i'm hearing at some housz holds, the heat or at least the ac has been turned off and some folks are a little unskfrtble. foggy one tomorrow morning. there's your showerst konling through and then some clouds, they'll start to break more and more by the time we get two, three, four o'clock tomorrow. four casts looks like this. 65-70 early on in the day tomorrow. high temperature tomorrow getting up to 76-81 degrees. it's also going to be a little breezy during the afternoon. 74 on saturday, 64 degrees on sunday and mighty school for the first part of next week feeling reich november. >> thanks, veronica. >> years of futility, folks, va
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come to an end in the
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought you to by xfinity. >> it was a history-making game but also a strange afternoon. manager had to get treatment during the game for numbness in
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his leg. then there's slugger michael morris. in the fourth inning, zimmerman has had a tremendous time but this wz the cherry on top. home run number 25 of the season. >> and tho's how it would stand. the nationals wrap up the season with a 98-64 record. they will begin play on sunday in either atlanta or st. louis. >> when the division was a goal
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and now we've done that and we have a chance to go in the playoffs. this was a great team, a good group of guys. we've flish accomplished a lot. >> we've had an opportunity to get some big draft picks. >> the nats better enjoy it while it lasts. teddy receiving a pair of yellow, underarmor cleats. the fake gnattic takes down george tom and leads a wide open path for our buddy for the first time since the contest started in 2006. advance has been waiting for
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this forever. needing a win to the wild card game, tampa pay's first baseman hit not one home run, not two home runs, but three homers on the night. baltimore now the second wild card team. the winner of that game will face the yankees in the division sierz starting on sunday. sunday could be a monster for fans in the d.c. area. >> kwun of the one ovlt reasons is their defense kwh has general ralted more points off of turnovers. >> very opportunitistic defense.
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there's something to say about being 4-o. 0. we could be a 4-0 football team. >> and you braulgt this up at 6:00. could be the braves against the nats and the
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i want to tell you about clevon gillespie. he turned his yard into a giant tribute to the skins. he says he grew up watching sonny and billy and joe theisman. every year, he freshens it up
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- christina applegate. from "dancing with the stars,"


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